What Makes Online So Special For You?

What Makes Online So Special For You?

On the other hand, bank card numbers should never pass through a simple contact form or through emails. Ideally vacuum cleaner malaysia review, your real credit card number should hardly ever pass through the internet (see below). In addition to this check regarding the page’s encryption, don’t forget to trigger your VPN to add an additional layer of protection, especially if you make your purchase while connected to a Wifi network that is not yours. In online shopping you need to be sure about this.

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Use an alternative payment method

Online sales sites sometimes offer alternative means of payment to the bank card. For example, some offer payment via Paypal handheld vacuum cleaner malaysia, which saves you from having to systematically provide your card number. However, you must open a Paypal account by providing your card number or credit the account.

Bank transfer can also be an interesting alternative if you can make transfers online. The seller usually asks to note a reference to find the transaction. However, you should not be in a hurry, the validation of the order being longer than when paying by card.

Activate 3D Secure

Banking organizations have looked into these security problems and most banks or cards (Carte Bleu, Visa, Mastercard, etc.) offer security solutions such as 3-D Secure, a secure Internet payment protocol.

Date of birth, code card, code by SMS, not all banks offer the same type of security. Check with your advisor what type of security your card offers and how to activate it before shopping online.

Use a prepaid card

If you do not have a card, a bank account or if you are particularly keen that your numbers do not circulate on the internet, it is possible to acquire a prepaid credit card. These cards, which can also be used in street shops, are credited with a certain amount before use.

Prepaid credit card

You can buy them online or in cash at points of sale near you (local merchants). However, you must pay fees: a fixed amount for the management or certain amounts when recharging or for each transaction.

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Use a virtual card or e-card

In the same spirit as the prepaid card, virtual cards or e-cards are offered by almost all French banking establishments but also sometimes by free neobanks . They allow you to create virtual card numbers for a certain amount or with each payment. Other cards with systematic verification allow you to be notified by notification as soon as an act of purchase is made.

The service may be chargeable but the charges are lower than for prepaid cards. The procedure for creating virtual numbers can be done online via a special interface set up by the bank. Ask your banking advisor what solutions yours offers, you may already have it available to you without knowing it.

Monitor your accounts

The time for payment has passed and if you have decided to opt for payment with your real card number, you should check that the amount debited corresponds to the order you placed with the merchant, especially if you are a used to shopping on the internet.

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