How to choose a stroller for twins

How to choose a stroller for twins

The birth of twins in a family is a truly unique event that requires a very special approach in literally everything: both in raising twins best pack and play for newborn and in absolutely everyday matters. Such, for example, as purchasing a stroller for children. What should you pay attention to when choosing it in this situation?

As practice shows, many parents of twins at first often think about buying just two ordinary “single” strollers. After all, their assortment in the overwhelming majority of stores is many times larger, and therefore the choice seems easier. But such a solution is still less convenient than a full-fledged two-seater stroller – in this case, two adults are needed for walking, one parent cannot cope with the simultaneous “walking” of the twins. 

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What are the double strollers?

And the very first rule of her choice is to decide on the required type of such a stroller. Remember baby journey blog, there is no better or worse engineering solution, there is only the most suitable one for you, for your operating conditions. In total, there are three types of double strollers, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Side by side

The name speaks for itself – in this stroller, which has become a real symbol of twins for many, two armchairs or cradles for babies are located side by side, next to each other. The reason for the popularity of this design is that the shoulder-to-shoulder fit has a lot of advantages for both children and parents. So, the twins have absolutely equal rights: they have the same, widest view, an identical reserve of space in all directions, and in the case of a separate design of the seats, they also have individual settings for their position – one baby leaned back “horizontally” to take a nap, and the other continues stay awake with the backrest upright. And for a dad or mom, such a system is convenient because access to both children is equally convenient. But, of course, you can’t do without cons. Firstly, this stroller turns out to be very wide: it will not go into every entrance door or elevator, but when folded down – into the trunk of a car. Secondly, it attracts increased attention of others, which causes discomfort for some. And thirdly, the neighborhood of twins sometimes leads to lively conflicts between them – even if one is already ready to go to sleep, the second can easily continue to bully and cling to the first.

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Special design requirements

As you can see, the choice here largely depends on your wishes and preferences. But there are a number of points that you need to pay attention to, regardless of the type of double stroller you are interested in. 

Speech about:

Durable chassis: twins are a double load, therefore all units and parts of the frame must have an increased load-carrying capacity index and therefore withstand such a weight;

Durable suspension: a stroller for two children cannot do without shock absorbers, and the wheels must be especially large – they will soften the shocks better and provide higher stability;

Seat belts: extremely desirable even in a single stroller, and in a double stroller without them at all – sometimes it is very difficult to keep track of two children, even if they are nearby, and therefore the risk of their falling is higher;

A double set of accessories: make sure that this stroller comes with aprons for the legs, and sun and rain visors, and mosquito nets in pairs;

Large trunk: it is logical to assume that a walk with two children require increased supplies of clean clothes, diapers , sanitary napkins, bottles  with water , toys, etc .;

Compactness and weight: although a two-seater stroller by default does not differ in its modest dimensions, it is worth evaluating how light it is and how much space it takes when folded in comparison with analogs.

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